Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A-Gypsying We'll Go!

So.  I've changed my mind about a project that was formerly secret.  It's not secret anymore.  (I'll be starting a different secret project, sometime, to replace it.)

This no-longer hush-hush project is another crochet afghan.  I'm calling it "A-Gypsying We'll Go", because I want to ;o)-- but really it's just a collection of motifs worked from one of those oh-so-popular African Flower / Paperweight Granny hexagon patterns. 

It's lots of fun to crochet.  I can definitely see why it got so popular!

I've yet to join any of the motifs-- I'll be doing join-as-you-go in the last round-- so at the moment, all I have to show is a bunch of flowers...

A-Gypsying We'll Go

The colors in that photo don't show as prettily as (I think) they do in natural light. I'll try again, eventually, if only when I've started joining the motifs.