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Another Block and a New Project

I decided on the next block for the sampler afghan-- Triquetra Celtic Knot Afghan Block by Joyce Lewis.   Like those of her earlier designs that I've hooked (Crocodile Flower and Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square), I'm finding it very pretty-- and also innovative.  It requires that you pay close attention to what you're doing, on certain rounds, but the pattern is extremely detailed and clear.

I still have rounds to go (not to mention the block border), but I snapped a (flash) photo of the block as it stands.

It's currently at a stand-still, partly because I'm going to have to start measuring it and probably making adjustments to get it to the same size as my other blocks-- but also because I've been sidetracked by another project.

I've started another afghan.  No, we don't need another afghan, but I like making them, so I will.  If it's a vice, it's a relatively harmless one.  Besides, I already have the unassigned yarn.  Why not have fun with i…