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I never realized until this morning how cool-- how "down" we crocheters truly are. 

As I browsed patterns online, my husband came up behind me, glanced at the screen, and noticed all the "YO"s (abbreviation for "yarn over") scattered across the page.

He's right.   There's an awful lot of yo-ing going on in crochet patterns. 

Yo!  We crocheters be down wit dat.   ;o)

Beautiful Crocheted Pincushion

This project combines my new(ish) interest in crochet with my already existing interest in pincushions!

Crochet Tomato and Strawberry Pincushion from Karabouts:

Isn't it charming? 

The yarn used for the pincushion in the photo (Berroco Suede) gives it a glamorous, velvety appearance, but I'm sure you could get attractive results from a variety of other yarns.