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Samplerghan Progress Report

I've been plugging away more or less steadily at the "Be of Good Cheer" Samplerghan.  The "one block a day" average has relaxed to "one every two or three days", but that's ok. 

Here are the blocks added to the pile since the last entry:

Cheerful Blossoms. (#62 from Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs)
This was another "four-patch" block made up of four of a smaller square motif.  I don't remember much about this motif, but I think I enjoyed crocheting it.  The flowers look a little like daisies to me.  Well, what they really make me think of are those typical "cartoon doodle flowers" that everyone draws.

Grandma's Heart. (freebie online)
Honestly, I found this pattern somewhat confusing, at times.  But it's a freebie, and the designer went to the trouble of not only writing and sharing the pattern, but also taking photos and drawing charts, which was very considerate!  If you can read charts and are fairly fa…