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The Spider Scarf

No blocking or sewing to report, and the spider scarf is still my only active yarny WIP.

I worked up to row 156, then had to decide whether or not to swap up to a larger size of needle (as indicated in the pattern).

The problem (as you may recall from the previous post) is that the pattern is written for laceweight.  You start with four strands of yarn and gradually work your way down to fewer and fewer strands-- and larger and larger needles. (You also gradually end up with fewer stitches per row.)

I'm using a single strand of worsted weight throughout and had intended to stick with the same size needle for the whole thing, but started questioning that plan (which was based on something I read in someone's project notes, I think).  Maybe it's better to increase the needle size, after all-- if not as drastically as in the pattern, at least slightly.

In the end, I decided to put in a lifeline for the last row before the first needle swap.  If going up a couple of needle …

In Anticipation of October

Sorry, still no photos of anything that was awaiting blocking (because blocking hasn't happened), but here are a couple of photos of the finished (but not washed) crocheted pillow covers.  The pillow inserts aren't yet in existence, so it's just the covers by themselves.

I ended up only doing part of the ruffled edging, because I was afraid the yarn wouldn't hold out through the final round. Fortunately, I think it looks good even without the last round.  (Otherwise, some other white acrylic would probably work fine in substitution.)

- - - - - - -
Looking through my Ravelry queue (which is way too long and should be pared down), I came across a pattern I'd completely forgotten: "October is for Spinners".

It's kind of an odd-looking knitted scarf.  You start out normally enough, though the motif (the spider from Barbara Walker's Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns) is perhaps a bit unusual for some of us.  Things only get weirder from there.  A fe…

Checking In

This is a boring "checking in" post with no photos to share.  (Next time?)

-- I finished knitting the scarf from last post.  Have yet to weave in the ends and block it.

-- Still haven't blocked the three "Meret" berets...

-- Still haven't weaved ends and blocked the Hiddleson doily ("Pretty Baby")...

-- Haven't done much on the quilted table runner...

This isn't sounding good. (g)

What I have done (aside from knitting the scarf) is pull another languishing project-- the "Granny's Step-Daughter" project-- back out of hibernation, as part of the campaign to reduce the backlog of UFOs.

I wrote a long post about these pillow covers over a year ago, but then (for some reason) set them aside.

I've just finished crocheting the last (fourth) panel.  I guess I'll go ahead and turn them into throw pillow covers, though at this point, we don't really need more pillows.  (I've made at least another couple of other croc…