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Laceweight Scarf and String Block Table Runner

No new blocking since last time.

I decided to put off "Wisp" for the time being and instead knit "Petits Trous de Printemps".  I read a lot of project notes, thought I understood some modifications that I wanted to copy, and cast on.

Oops, realized I wasn't doing something right.  (Bead placement, I think...)
Frogged it (slowly, as this yarn is 70% mohair).

Cast on again.
Soon realized that again something just wasn't right.
Frogged it again!

This time, I decided to put it in the corner for a few days.
When I looked more closely at the pattern, I just couldn't figure out one of the modifications.  People kept saying they were adding an extra stitch for improved symmetry, but in my quick, primitive charts (scribbled over and over again), the extra stitch seemed to lessen the symmetry.

Finally, I asked for help on Ravelry, and right away someone explained it in a way that made complete sense.  (Lesson for next time: Just ask for help!)

I doubt this will m…

Block Party

How many crochet and knitting blog entries do you think have been written titled "Block Party"?  ;o)

Ok, so it's probably not that original.  It's still accurate!  Yesterday afternoon, I threw a little block party.

Some time ago (and I do mean some time), I saw some knitters somewhere (over on Knitting Paradise?) discussing affordable alternatives to the special foam mats sold specifically for blocking knitted or crocheted objects.  Someone mentioned that Harbor Freight sells four-packs of large (25in²) foam mats that interlock to create either a large square or a long strip (depending on what you're blocking).

Here's a link, if you're interested:  Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat Set.
At the moment, they're on sale for just under $10.  You can use a coupon on them and get them even cheaper-- which is what I did.

Yesterday was my first time giving them a try, and I'm very happy with the results.

A few things you might want to know, if you're in the mark…

Revisiting Familiar Patterns

On August 1st, I finished the Hiddleson doily named "Pretty Baby".  I'll put up a blog post about that once I've blocked and photographed it.  (Whenever that might be...)

Afterwards, I just grabbed one of the nearest UFOs-- the Old-Fashioned Granny Square Afghan.  I've been working on it ever since, one square at a time.  With the two pieces joined, it's getting to a decent size, but I think I'll set it aside again, for a while.  It's just too hot to have on my lap, and since it's a JAYGo project, the last round of every square means melting under heavy layers of acrylic.

(If I were particularly eager to have it finished soon, I'd try a tip I've seen online about putting the blanket on a table.  This keeps the bulk of the blanket off your lap, which helps keep you cool.  Of course, that's often not the most comfortable place to sit while you stitch, so it's a trade-off.)

I'm also running into a bit of rut, color-wise, since it&…