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Old-Fashioned Sampler: Still Chuggin' Along

It's coming along slowly, a square at a time.  At one point, I tried introducing a medium-dark turquoise into the mix, but after 1 and a half squares, the second thoughts won out.  (So there's one completed square kicked out.  An orphan square.  It's waiting, along with another rejected square from a previous project, for... something.  Not sure what, yet.) 

I finally snapped haphazard photos of the squares made since last time.

Here's a mosaic of the most recent batch of squares:

1. Christmas Rose, 2. Lacy Square, 3. Alhambra, 4. Circle in a Square, 5. Queen Anne's Lace, 6. Old Vienna, 7. Kingcup, 8. Lacy Wheel, 9. StarFlower, 10. Criss Cross, 11. Edwardian Fancy, 12. Waterlily

The photos aren't that great.  (At all.)  I've deteriorated into an extremely lazy photographer.  (A lazy photo editor, too.  Didn't even try to get the colors right, because... too much work.)  Of course, how good can the photo be, when the squares are so wibbly, wobbly, won…

Old-Fashioned Sampler Progress Pix

I've been crocheting a few more squares for the Old-Fashioned Sampler, lately.

On the one hand, it's pleasantly casual, just flipping through the book (or referring to a list of favorites I jotted down at the beginning of the project), picking a square, and hooking it up. 

On the other hand, it can be difficult to keep up the momentum.  When one square is done, it's not as effortless to move on to the next.

Also, I'm feeling a little wishy-washy about a couple of aspects of this project.

First, I'm not completely, positively, undeniably sure about my palette.  Do the two darker colors stand out too much?  But if I take them away, then the yellow-green looks too yellow-green-y.  But if I take that away, this other color becomes too dominant-- and I've just removed half of my colors... Oh, let's just toss them all back in together again!  Good.  Fine... But do I really want to put that darker turquoise (that I've yet to use because I'm just not sure)…


Most of this was written a few weeks ago, while I was bored and in a chatty mood. 

- - - - - - -
I've yet to take photos of the things I was supposed to photograph.  So no photos of the bag.  No photos of the scarf.  No photos of my current most-active WIP.  (I've allowed myself a new one-- but it's ok.  I'd kinda-sorta finished a couple of things from my lists, and this is something I promised someone else, so it's not completely selfish.  More on that later.)

I haven't even woven the ends of the Regency Ruffles (a.k.a. Helix Scarf) yet.  (Tsk, tsk!)  I could blame it on Luna (the new puppy), but while it's true that she demands an alarming amount of time every day, technically I could have done all of those things.  I've just been lazy.  (And I've been doing a little yard work... and we've been installing a vented range hood, because the non-vented one that came with our house was pretty much useless.)  

So-- end-weaving and photos?  Maybe t…