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Get Busy and Procrastinate

Christmas is fast approaching, and the get-together at which most of my "secret projects" need to be given is even sooner than that!  This is when I don't quite panic, but wonder why I didn't make myself finish things earlier.  Oh, and there's still a little shopping to do, too.  In stores.  With the crowded aisles and the unpleasant sensation that if someone else isn't in your way, you're in theirs.  *insert wild-eyed expression of dread here*

So, let's see... Before I allow myself to do fun stuff, like take and post photos or work on the projects that really interest me, at the moment, I have to attend to the following:

-- Finish crocheting tiny bits of two projects, stuff and stitch them together, and do a little embroidery.  Shouldn't take too long, but I do dislike the embroidery bit...And the stitching together, too, for that matter.

-- Start at least one similar project from scratch, after deciding what pattern to use and selecting yarn fro…