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Figured It Out

I think I've figured out why I just couldn't get the hang of basic knitting that first time I tried.  As it turns out, the instructional video I found on YouTube just wasn't that good:

But as they say, I wasn't making mistakes; I was making experiences.  ;o)

Back with Photos!

As promised!  ;o)

First, apologies for the quality of the photos.  The light is sub-par this morning, but I wanted to act while I was in the mood.

Ok, let's start with the Very Vintage V-Stitch Rippleghan!

The last photo shows the afghan's current size. I still have many rows to go to get the length I want.

Also, as you can see, I'm leaving the tails loose.  The v-stitch is so open, I think that attempting to crochet over them or otherwise hide them inside the blanket wouldn't work well enough (to my liking).  Instead, I'll crochet over them at the end, when I single crochet along the two long sides of the afghan.  You could also put fringe along those two sides, but that's a lot of fringe... (g)

Next up, my current knitting project, the One Row Lace Scarf (aka Drizzled Chocolate Scarf):

(Again, not the best photo, but it gets the point across.)

It's fun to knit a row or two, then stop and think to myself, "Wow!  I'm knitting!" (g)  Sure, it&#…

Secret Projects, Knitting, & Sewing Machine Issues

I apologize for the silence over the past month.  I've spent a lot of my crochet time, lately, either making or planning a handful of Christmas gifts.

Working on projects that are destined to be gifts is fun, but it leaves me with less to blog about at the moment.  I don't want to risk someone seeing something they shouldn't and spoiling their surprise, so I'm trying to keep those "secret projects" under wraps.  (I'm even doing that over on Ravelry, which is something of a pain, since I have to "lie" about what pattern I'm using, hold back photos, and censor my notes.  I hope that reassigning the projects to their actual patterns won't be too much trouble, after Christmas.)

So, what I've been doing that I can write about is essentially working on that v-stitch afghan I mentioned last time.  It's getting some length, now, but I still have lots of rows to add, since I want this to be a full-length couch blanket.  I'm enjoying c…