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Craft Room Chit Chat

I have finished objects to share, but they are mostly doilies that still need blocking and photographing.  Soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, just to get back in the groove of uploading photos and blogging, there are some random craft-related photos I've yet to share.

- - - - - - -
The first topic is related to longarm quilting.

One of the big benefits of using a quilting machine on a frame is that you can skip the tiresome and often time-consuming process of basting the quilt layers with pins, basting spray, or basting stitches.  (Okay, you still do use some basting stitches, but the machine does the work, and it's usually only necessary along the edges of the quilt top.)

Of course, the quilt layers still have to attach to the frame somehow.  How, exactly, depends on your frame and how you use it.  With mine, the SR-2 from Grace, you "float" the batting and quilt top, but the backing is attached and rolled onto two rails.  The usual way of attaching the backing to the leader …