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Doily FO: "Saffron"

Time for the latest doily off the blocking board!

Today, it's "Saffron", another pattern by Grace Fearon. 

The thread is another color of the discontinued America's Best Country Cotton. "Coral" is a fairly dark orangey shade of peach.  I found it difficult to photograph accurately.  It's not one of my very favorite colors, but since it was in the stash (and because I don't actively dislike it), I thought I'd use it up. 

To be honest, this pattern wasn't one of my favorites to crochet, either.  There were a couple of what I'd call "doozy" rounds.  One in particular was a challenge, and I worried that it didn't look quite right.  (It's the one with the very, very tall stitches.)  However, now that it's blocked, I think it looks fine, so maybe if I make it again, I'll enjoy it more, since I can relax in the knowledge that it will block out nicely. 

I do like the "latticework" element of this design-- and…

Doily FO: "Illyria"

Still have doilies on the brain!  Aside from the one featured in today's post, I have one finished but waiting for blocking and another in progress.  (It's in Alize Miss Batik, which always adds another layer of interest and excitement to a project!)

Today's doily is "Illyria", a pattern by Grace Fearon.

It's another "advanced" level pattern, this time with a pineapple theme. 

I like the look of pineapples, but I find I'm much more likely to make a mistake and have to rip back rounds when a pattern has pineapples or any other "meshy" design.  It's so easy to zone out for just a second and miss a chain space!

I love the "rope" effect framing each pineapple.  So pretty!

The thread is more from my stash of America's Best Country Cotton Crochet Thread.  The color ("Casbah Blue") is fairly dark (which made it harder to get any decent photos...).

I'm happy with my results, but I probably wouldn't work a te…

Doily FO: "Kalani"

I'm still on a doily-crocheting kick!  Every so often I'll crochet a scrappy granny square or three, but mostly my crafty energies have been focused on doilies-- for months, now.

Supposedly it's getting closer to autumn.  There's no denying that it is September.  No-one has told our local weather, yet, but the days keep marching by, so it's only a matter of time.  The (theoretical) approach of cooler temperatures has turned my thoughts to knitting.  Hats... A brioche cowl... Maybe another try at socks...

But for now, it's still doilies, doilies, doilies!

- - - - - - -
This one's yet another Grace Fearon design.  "Kalani":

"Kalani" has a different look from most of Grace's designs, to date.  It strikes me as a little more modern and graphic than her usual style, which is often lacy and ornate, with texture stacked upon texture.  I actually really like over-the-top ornate doilies, but I also find myself drawn to this sleeker style.  Why…