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Blogs of the Bizarre

A couple weeks ago, I actually went into a temporary sewing frenzy, whipping up six items for gifts in a matter of only a couple of days. (Three ragged denim and flannel totes and three plastic bag dispensers.) Unfortunately, because I was working on them literally until the very last minute, I didn't have time to take any photos. (That always seems to happen when I'm making gifts! A side effect of my dreadful procrastination.)

In better news, some time ago I came across a blog I deemed worthy of bookmarking: What Not to Crochet. As the title suggests, the blog features crochet projects that the author (at least) doesn't recommend. Mostly it's just bizarre or unattractive pieces of crochet-- and that's always fun to look at, right? ;o)

From there, I found a few similar blogs:

You Knit What??
Same premise, only with knitting instead of crochet.

What Not to Knit
Another blog about knitting disasters.

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This time, ugly bags ha…