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English Garden Block Completed

My English Garden block (designed by Julie Yeager) is finished!
I changed the last couple of rounds slightly-- mainly to increase the size.  More details on my Ravelry project page (linked above).

I've started on the next block-- shattered (by Margaret MacInnis)-- but I'm waiting for the last day of clues (released tomorrow) to be able to continue with that one.  I have a progress photo from yesterday (not up to date on my progress so far) at the Ravelry link above, but since some people are working on this one as a mystery CAL, I guess I won't post that here, just in case.

April's block is from another guest designer, Polly Plum, but we're still waiting for that one to be available (seeing as it isn't technically even April, yet).  In the meantime, I decided to try another of that designer's blocks.  She has some stunning ones available.  I started with a freebie that's been in my queue for months: Denna.  I'm not sure my color placements are the …


How's that for a cryptic-looking post title?  ;o)

I was feeling in need of a new blanket project-- a sampler, preferably-- when I came across a crochet-along for 2016.  The BAMMM Shazaam 2016 Afghan CAL (Ravelry pattern link) is being hosted by designer Margaret MacInnis, a.k.a. Muggins, at her Ravelry group.  (Here's the thread devoted to the CAL.)

The afghan is a "block a month" crochet-along, and you can read all about it at the links provided above.  Some of the 12" blocks are totally new designs; some (maybe just the alternates/"fillers" for people who want more than a total of 12 blocks for their afghans?) are patterns that have been around for a while.  Most will be the work of the main designer/hostess, but there will be at least five blocks from guest designers, too.

From what I understand, most of the blocks are free, but at least some of them will be paid patterns-- with a (temporary) coupon code for a significant discount.  (So far, the p…

Old(er) Project Photos

I found some photos of projects from late last year that I'd never processed and uploaded.  It's good to fill in the blanks on some of those projects on Ravelry.  It looks so much nicer with a photo!  (g)

Textured Turban
(Free pattern.)  I made this one as an extra to put in my niece's Christmas present.  It's a cute little hat, but if I were doing it again, I'd use a seamless join for every round, because every time I think about this project, it still bothers me that there was a visible seam down the back.  (g)  Yes, seamless joins take a little longer, and there are (many) more ends to weave in that way-- but the nicer result would be worth it, for something like a hat.

Irish Mesh Cowl
This is another free pattern.  It makes a really pretty cowl, I think, and it works in a variety of yarn weights.  This was some light fingering that I dyed myself.  I did have some issues with the pattern, but I think that was my own fault and not a problem with the pattern.  (Se…