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More Afghan Blocks Finished

"Shattered" (by Margaret MacInnis).

I guess I already wrote about this first one, in the last entry.  It has some interesting textures.  Popcorn stitches.  Puff stitches.  Spike stitches.  Front-post and back-post stitches.  Lots going on, here.

- - -
"Kingsley" (by Polly Plum).

I wrote about this one last time, too.  I like the way it turned out-- particularly the "leafy"-looking design-- though I had to make some small changes to make it (more or less) match the other blocks in size.  I can't remember if I just left off a couple of rounds or shortened some stitches... I think I just left off some rounds.

- - -
"Beware the Ides of March" (by Margaret MacInnis).

I left off the tapestry crochet and also left out one round to make the block match the others in size.

This is another that I chose from my queue-- not a block that has (as yet) been specifically included as part of the CAL.  It's a while before the next "official" bl…

"Denna" Crochet Block Completed

I finished "Denna"!

I started out making the 12” square but realized after the 10th round that my block was coming out too big. (My other blocks for this afghan are all smaller than 12” squares, before adding the border.) So I ripped back that round and switched to the instructions for the 9” square.  To get the block to the size of my other squares for this afghan, I needed something in between the 9” and 12” block, so I adjusted the last two rounds slightly.

I think there are some minor number errors in at least the last round of the 9” pattern. It looks like it was copied and pasted from the 12” pattern, and the designer forgot to adjust some numbers. Of course, by the time you get to the last round of the pattern, you can probably figure out what to do, just from the photo, and since the pattern is free (and available in three sizes), we can’t really complain. ;o)

I love the way this block turned out!  It was pretty easy to crochet, too, which was nice, after the more comp…