Thursday, April 14, 2016

More Afghan Blocks Finished

"Shattered" (by Margaret MacInnis).


I guess I already wrote about this first one, in the last entry.  It has some interesting textures.  Popcorn stitches.  Puff stitches.  Spike stitches.  Front-post and back-post stitches.  Lots going on, here.

- - -

"Kingsley" (by Polly Plum).


I wrote about this one last time, too.  I like the way it turned out-- particularly the "leafy"-looking design-- though I had to make some small changes to make it (more or less) match the other blocks in size.  I can't remember if I just left off a couple of rounds or shortened some stitches... I think I just left off some rounds.

- - -

"Beware the Ides of March" (by Margaret MacInnis).

"Beware the Ides of March"

I left off the tapestry crochet and also left out one round to make the block match the others in size.

This is another that I chose from my queue-- not a block that has (as yet) been specifically included as part of the CAL.  It's a while before the next "official" block will be available, so I'll probably choose another from my Ravelry queue.  There are plenty waiting!

Though I tend to gravitate towards the ones with opportunities for lots of color changes, I probably need at least a couple more with larger blocks of color, to balance out this afghan's first block, "Puff Wheat".