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Old-Fashioned Sampler Finished!

A few weeks or so ago, I finished the border, weaved in the last loose ends, and put the Old-Fashioned Sampler into the washing machine for its first bath.  It's done!

I feel like the actual working-time on this afghan wasn't that long, even though the project was "open" for over two years.  It's always exciting to finish a big project-- and this one's finished just in time for the main blanket season.  (Well, this time of year is supposed to be blanket season, but this particular December has been unseasonably warm and humid.  There are still a couple of months of potentially cool weather ahead, though.)

None of my photos turned out great, but they'll do, and if I work up the enthusiasm, I might take a few pictures of it in the better light outside (once it dries out enough, which might not be for a while).   I had an especially difficult time getting the color adjusted on these photos.  They weren't even close to correct, straight out of the camera,…


I just found this old draft of a blog post that I never got around to "publishing".  I was probably waiting to publish until after I'd taken photos, but by the time there were pictures, I'd forgotten about it.  I guess today is its lucky day. ;o)

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Scratch another one off the list!  I've finished the "Lotus Bloom" doily!

"Pretty Baby" by Elizabeth Hiddleson

Circulo Clea, white

Apparently, Doris Chan revised this pattern for a publication that was printed in late 2012 (months after I started crocheting it).

There were definitely things about this pattern in need of revision.  My own project notes on Ravelry indicate a couple of instances of possible errors.  (I say "possible" because there's a chance I was confused/missing something, but I'm pretty sure they were mistakes.)

Then there were at least a couple of times when I saw how the pattern could be improved (imho) and did so.  (I reduced the st…