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A Pillow for My Camera

Well, technically, it's a bean bag.
Only there are no beans in it. . .

After thinking about it for I-don't-know-how-many months (if not years), I eventually got around to working on this extremely difficult project.

Actually, there are very few sewing projects easier than this one. It's just a very simple pillow-- and not a very pretty one, at that, with my ugly (but functional and mighty sturdy) "closure seam"*. (I couldn't even be bothered to switch to black thread to match my fabric! What a sloppy seamstress!)

For stuffing, I wanted something lightweight. From what I understand, there are times when you'll want something heavier-- and for those times, it's good to use beans, rice, or something similar. One day, I might make a refillable bean bag for that type of filling. However, there are also times when weight isn't an issue, and convenience and comfort call for something lighter.

I'd read online about people using tiny styrofoam (or si…

More Photos of the Lattice Window Rag Quilt

I decided to take a few more photos of my second rag quilt, and while I was at it, I thought I'd put them here, too:

I think this orientation better shows why this quilt (on paper) reminded me of the window (as I wrote about in my last entry). Of course, these are just squares "on point"-- not real diamond shapes, but I'm not ready for real diamond shapes, at my current level of sewing know-how. (g)