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No Place Like Home

After our two-and-nearly-a-half-week vacation to Sweden (visiting my husband's family + sightseeing), we've returned home, safe and sound.  True, there are some lingering symptoms of jet lag.  (Gosh, I hate that long journey across the ocean. Not fun at all.)  Yes, the grass is in dire need of mowing, I still haven't put away the luggage, and the sudden return to this heat and humidity is a bit of a shock to the system-- but we're HOME.  However nice the vacation, there's no place like home.

I spent some time crocheting on vacation, but (as expected) I'd packed much more yarn and thread than I needed.  You-- or well, we, at least-- don't spend that much time just sitting around, on vacation.  And much of the time that you are sitting around, it's just not convenient or polite to be crocheting.  But anyway, I did get to crochet a little.  I finished a couple of small/medium-sized doilies and a market bag (all finished except for sewing on the embellishme…

Ack! July Already?!

I'm going into panic mode.  ...I sort of live right on the edge of panic mode, honestly.  It's way too easy to push me over that edge.  (What can I say?  I'm a worrywart who loves predictability and routine.)

There is SO MUCH TO DO in a limited time frame.  There's just no way it'll all get done.  I'm reconciled to that.  Hey, I knew even when I was making those massive to-do lists, months ago, that it wouldn't all get done.  It never does.  But now I'm down to making lists of what must be done, and I'm starting to panic that that won't happen, either!  (Note: My idea of what "must" be done includes lots of things that... don't really have to get done.  Such is My Way.)

Anyway, crafts.  I am working on things now and then, because-- doggone it!-- if I don't have some craft time, I'll cease to function at all.

The floral mysteryghan?  It's on hold.  I haven't even considered working on last Friday's clue.  I…