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FO: "Athena"

Last doily of the day!

This is "Athena", also designed by Grace Fearon.  This was a CAL pattern, which means that the pattern comes with a round-by-round photo tutorial-- very helpful if you're more of a visual learner or if you're new to advanced crochet doilies. 

Crocheted with Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet (size 10), "Wasabi".  As usual, the color isn't consistent across all my photos.  It's a bright yellow-green/spring green.

I had some issues with the overlapping, interwoven section near the center of the doily.  I'm still not completely convinced that I did it just right, but it seems to have worked out okay.  The rest of the pattern, I think I enjoyed crocheting.  Lots of texture-- and that yellow-green was fun to work with, too. 

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FO: "Icarus"

Another doily!

"Icarus", pattern designed by Grace Fearon.

Crocheted in Artiste Mercerized Egyptian Cotton #10, "Antique".  It's a chameleon of a color.  In some lights, it's distinctly pinkish/mauve, but in others, it sees more like a dark ecru or light tan. 

I really enjoyed crocheting this one!  I love the starry motif in the center of the doily, and I'm also a fan of the flowers in the border-- and the thick, "rope" frame around each flower. 

FO: "Lorelai"

"Lorelai", designed by Grace Fearon.

Crocheted in America's Best Country Cotton (size 10), "American Beauty".  (That thread brand was discontinued years ago.  I'm still working through my stash.)  It's less of a true, "Christmas" red than it looks in some photos.  The dark rose-red is closer to the reality.

This pattern is available for free-- a good way to sample the designer's pattern-writing style and difficulty level. 

This wasn't one of my favorites, for some reason... I'm not sure why (no longer remember, at this point, if I ever knew).  Maybe the thread has something to do with it-- not my favorite brand and not my favorite color for thread crochet, either.  Still, I think it turned out nicely enough (even though I did cheat a bit on Round 21, since I couldn't face crocheting into the back loop of each individual chain). 

FO: "Fiona"

Earlier this week I took some photos of the backlog of finished doilies.  I have a hard time getting good photos of doilies, these days, but I think these are at least passable.  I'll give each doily its own blog post, I think... Why not?!

"Fiona" is a design by Grace Fearon.

I used Artiste Mercerized Egyptian Cotton #10 in  "Boysenberry".  (It's a gorgeous color, by the way! The color seems to vary from photo to photo, but I think the ones that look red-violet are more accurate than the ones that look like a bluer purple.)

Beautiful design! 

Miniature Bunting

Last time, I shared a photo of supplies gathered for making mini bunting to decorate my craft room. 

I made most of it during the weekend.  I was surprised at how quickly it came together-- but also by how far those triangles went.  I ended up with much more bunting than I'd expected!  Not a problem, really.  If I get tired of it (or if it gets in the way), I may take it down, but for now, I think it's fun!

The supplies I used, in case anyone's interested, are as follows:
-- colorful felt triangles (synthetic felt, cut with an old rotary cutter)
-- cotton crochet thread (size 10; rainbow variegated, probably South Maid 'Mexicana')
-- colorful glass beads (larger seed beads, maybe "E beads"?)
-- needle (small enough to fit through beads, but not too tiny)

I'm not great with a needle and thread, so my stitches are far from even, but I don't think that really matters with this project.  I alternated triangles with beads until I had what felt like a …

Odds and Ends Around the Craft Room

There are too many random photos to give them each their own blog entry, so I'm going for the hodge-podge method.

- - - - - - -
I believe this was the first quilt top I pieced. (If it wasn't this, it was the string quilt from the kit Mom made for me, but I think I sewed this one first.)  Half-square triangles (HSTs) in a simple herringbone pattern.

I decided I was finally read to quilt it.  Here it is "before".  It's now ready for trimming and binding-- and its first trip through the wash-- and then photos!

- - - - - - -
You may remember (if I ever told you... which I think I did...) that I was working on a scrappy Arkansas Crossroads quilt as a leader & ender project?  I got impatient with whatever else I was sewing at the time and let that become my main project.  Here are some of the units and pieces waiting... 

(This project makes a sneak-peeky reappearance further down the page.)
- - - - - - -
My current main piecing project is "Punkin' Patch&quo…

FMQ: Texture and Doodles

I've mentioned before that I was playing around with quilting on some flannel and then turning it into crate pads for Frodo.  Well, I've done some more of that.  I had a lot of fun practicing my FMQ (free-motion quilting), and I do think I'm getting better at controlling the machine.  (Better than I was, at least!)

I thought I'd stick a few photos here to document that improvement.