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CAL Update

Time for another progress report on the Stardust Melodies CAL!

"A Kiss to Build a Dream On"

The fabric of this block is very squishy!

Once you've done a couple repeats of the "texture round", you'll have it down.  It would be easy enough to just keep going with this one and make it in any size you might want.

"Honeysuckle Rose"

Love it!  The center looks like clusters of either sweet little rosebuds or luscious berries to me (could pass for either, imho), and the edging has "caged bobbles" that have a very old-fashioned vibe that I adore.

This week is a break in the CAL; the next pattern comes out on Monday (if I recall correctly).

Since it's an "off" week for the afghan, I've put in a little more effort on the doily.


I'm not too far from the end of clue three out of four, but of course, with doilies, the further you get from the center, the larger each round is-- and the longer they usually tak…

Stardust Melodies CAL (Etc.)

I fell completely behind on the doily crochet-along.  I think it wrapped up late last week-- or at least the final clue was released then-- so I'll just take my time and work on it when I feel like it.  (Soon, I hope!)

I am still keeping up with the afghan CAL, though.
Here are my blocks for the three latest pattern releases (not counting the one that came out today):

"Just One of Those Things":

This was an interesting pattern to crochet.  I think the motif could be interpreted as either a flower or a four-leaf clover.  It would be pretty repeated over a whole blanket.

I'm still making two of each block pattern; here's the second one:


"Pennies from Heaven":

This is a very simple pattern with a polka-dot effect.  It works up quickly and easily.  (Great TV- or movie-crocheting!)  Even a fairly new crocheter could feel confident about this one, I think.

Here it is in blue:


This is a stack of all my blocks up to (including) "Pennies…

CAL Updates (and Craft-Room Photos)

I'm keeping up with the Stardust Melodies CAL pretty well.  The next pattern will be released today, and I'm ready!

My blocks aren't all coming out the same size, anymore, unfortunately, but I think they'll be close enough for a smooth joining.  The plan is to just cross my fingers and hope it will work out.

- - - - - - -
First, my second "Fools Rush In"-- first, on its own, then with the original one:

Next, "No Moon At All".  This pattern was a little more complicated than many of the others.  It's not as challenging as it looks, but there are at least a few places where it pays to be alert.  I love the starry design!

The latest pattern is "Mack the Knife".  The texture on this block is exceptionally strong, and it works up quickly, too, once you master the special stitch.  (Pay close attention to the very end of the instructions for finishing the stitch; it's worked a little differently than you might assume, if you think of it …

Steel Crochet Hooks

I blogged recently about a new set of steel crochet hooks I'd ordered.
While I was satisfied with the quality for the price, they weren't exactly what I'd been expecting.  Mainly, the metal part of the hook didn't run the full length of the handle and the texture of handle was more plasticky than the Clover Amour hook I was replacing.

Since I'd had success on my first order from AliExpress, I decided to order another set of steel crochet hooks (so I'm really set for years, if not life).  This time, I tried a different product from a different seller:  Super Nova 10-piece hook set (not an affiliate link-- not even sure that site does the affiliate thing).  As of this posting, the set costs $6.20, shipping included.

(The product name/description includes the words "Mom Grandma Gifts".  Ha!  Great stereotyping, there, Super Nova. (g))

They came fairly quickly (considering the source).  I placed my order on May 19th and received them June 2nd.  Two wee…