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Slow-Poking Along

Time to pop in for a brief update post!

Cheerful Afghan--
No real progress since last time.  I've started a block-- the Crocodile Flower square-- but I set it aside "for a moment" and just haven't been able to work up the enthusiasm to pick it back up, again.  In fact, I've gone so far as the carry the basket of yarn and WIP out of the living room and into the craft room.  This is a Big Deal. (g)  If a WIP is no longer in the living room, it is officially in hibernation mode.  Someday I'll get the urge to finish the afghan, but for now, it's not even on the back burner; it's cooled off, packed up, and in the back of the fridge, hidden behind the pickles and baking soda.  Fortunately, yarny works-in-progress don't spoil and turn into moldy science experiments.  ;o)

Unraveling Sweaters--
After unraveling those wool sweaters (see last entry), I thought I was taking a break from sweater deconstruction.  However, the unraveling bug bit again, and I found…

Project Updates

It's been a while!
Since my last entry, I've worked a few more squares for the "Be of Good Cheer" Samplerghan.

Sunflower Square. (from 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet)
I enjoyed crocheting this one (another square from one of the new books on my shelves), but I actually prefer it in the colors shown the book.  It needed several more rounds to bring it up to 12 inches.  Simple "granny rounds" did the trick.

Veronica's Rose. (freebie online)
This one was quick, easy, and fun to crochet.  That said, I'm not 100% sure I love the results of my first round of petals.  Not sure if I did something wrong... or what... but it's only just "ok".

Happy Hearts (freebie online)
This will be the last "heart"-themed block for this afghan.  Of the heart blocks I made, I think I'm least satisfied with this one.  The hearts seem to get lost in the pattern, somehow.  Outlining each one in a contrasting color yarn (slip stitches, maybe?) might help,…