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Scrappy String Quilt Progress Post

It's an honest-to-goodness sewing-themed blog post.  It's almost as though this blog is aptly named!!  ;o)

I've been sewing the scrappy string quilt from the kit Mom gave me-- and I'm really enjoying it!

A few progress photos?

This is probably how I'll lay them out, with the white central lines forming diamonds.

In the photo above, you can see some of the currently "in progress" blocks, draped over the sewing machine. 

And here's a peek at the twenty blocks I've completed so far!

There are another ten "in progress".  I'm not sure how many I need... I'm running low on the (very subtly-patterned) white fabric that goes down the center (or somewhere in that vicinity) of each block, so if I want to stick with one fabric for that (and it's probably best that I do), that'll determine how many more blocks I can squeeze out.  If the blanket needs more size, I might make a more elaborate (wider) border.  You can also put sashing …

Crocheting & Quilting

The doily has been done for several days, but remains unblocked.  I think it may need a bigger surface than the foam insulation board I normally use for blocking.  (Another largish doily has also been hanging around the house for over two years, waiting.)  There's a new system I want to try for blocking larger items, but since it's new, there's a tendency to stall... Maybe sometime this week...

- - - - - - -
After finishing the doily, I picked up the Catherine Wheel scarf again.  It was slow going at first.  That yarn (Premier Serenity Sock Weight) can be splitty.  It's giving me less trouble now, but I'm not sure whether that first bit was different from the rest or I've just gotten better at dealing with it.

I had to refamiliarize myself with the pattern.  I skipped right to the chart, missing some notes jotted on an earlier page of the print-out-- notes in which I described some slight alterations to the pattern.  The changes were important enough that I ha…