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Just Chatting

I'm in a funny mood tonight.  I can't seem to settle to anything, so why not blog a little instead?

Craft-wise, I've remained focused on the Flower Garden Hexagon Afghan, adding to it one hexagon at a time.  I'm not sure how many I have at this point.  (Donald could probably guess closer to the total than I could, because he tends to count the motifs every day or two, when he happens to see the afghan all spread out.)  I think I'm making decent progress, though, and I'll try to post new photos soon. 

It's not destined to be a big blanket.  I think I'd rather have something smaller, and I think that by the time I get a decent-sized small blanket, I'll probably be about ready to move on to something different.  I'm aiming toward something between a lapghan and twin-bed-size.  Something large enough to cover up with on the couch in the winter, without your toes poking out at the bottom, but not so big and heavy that it's awkward. 

Every now and…

Crochet vs. Knit (A Mockumentary)

I saw this video on Sarah London's blog this morning and thought it was worth saving here on my own blog.

As a post-knitting-boom crocheter who doesn't know how to knit (and probably won't try to learn for quite some time, simply because I'd rather use the time crocheting at an intermediate level than starting from scratch with a new craft), I must admit that I have at times felt that there has been. . . not quite a stigma against crochet. . . but definitely that it's not nearly as widespread or (sometimes) as deeply appreciated as knitting.  It's the old story of the apologetic "I only crochet". 

(Of course, that's not always been the case.  A nice lady in a thrift shop, as she helped ring up my purchase of yarn, asked if I was going to knit with it.  When I responded that I crochet, she said that she'd always wanted to know how to crochet, but that she could "only" knit.) 

Anyway, this video gave me a laugh, and whether you knit,…