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Free Vintage Crochet

I just happened upon this site today (while trying to figure out what size crochet hook to use for a pattern I'm planning to work in laceweight yarn), and I thought it seemed worth bookmarking.

Free Vintage Crochet is just exactly what it sounds like-- free vintage crochet patterns.  Of course I like the free part. ;o)   The vintage aspect is also very appealing to me:  1) because I like things that are a little (or a lot, sometimes) old-fashioned (& thus it gives me a thrill to think of working and wearing a design from 1916 or whenever), and 2) because "vintage" means that they're (probably) not very common these days, so your crochet creation will stand out from the rest.  (I don't mind using a pattern that practically everyone who crochets is doing, if it's something I really like, but it is nice to be unique every now and again.) 

I haven't looked through all the categories yet, but from what I can see, there are some nifty patterns available the…

My Next Crochet Project ;o)

I think I've figured out my next crochet project!  I can hardly wait to begin!!  

Now, which lucky person on my Christmas gift list is going to get this little gem. . .?  ;o)

Isn't that just incredible?

What were you supposed to do with this "Giant Floor Ball"?  (No, seriously, that's what it's called.  Look closely at the bottom right-hand corner.)  Is it for sitting on?  Decoration only?  Could it be a toy for the children?  Or is it strictly for leaning against, as the model demonstrates?  Don't you just love the look on her face?  There's nowhere she'd rather be than cozied up with her Giant Floor Ball.  It's her favorite place for romantic daydreams.  (Maybe this woman just has odd taste in home decor.  See that figurine on the table behind her?  Well, it's not my taste, at least...)

There are more yarn atrocities from the same source (a book) on this page.  

Luna Lovegood Scarf

Last time I wrote, I had decided to try a scarf that was basically a bunch of Solomon's knots (love knots, lover's knots). I gave it a try, and after the first or second row didn't know what to do next. It was night, and I was tired, so that may have accounted for it. Whatever the reason, I couldn't see where/how I was supposed to attach the next row into the previous one. I'm going to give it another try-- and maybe seek advice if I still can't figure it out on my own-- but in the meantime, I happened upon a different scarf pattern.

The Luna Lovegood Scarf (pattern by Melissa Helton) is so called because it's based on an accessory worn by a character of that name in a Harry Potter movie. I liked the looks of the scarf, and none of the stitches seemed too difficult for a beginner. The pattern uses chains, single crochet, double crochet, shells (multiple double crochets worked into a single stitch), and a simple picot edging. (The pattern is written i…