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A Little Bit of Everything

Been a while, huh?

I haven't yet washed and photographed the sampler afghan.  I just haven't felt motivated, for a number of reasons, but I do plan to do so before too much longer!

My main project, lately, has been making a pair of hedgehog mittens for my youngest sister.  The Christmas before last, I offered to make her something, and right around the 2016 holidays she made her request.  (She recently got a pet hedgehog, which inspired her choice.)  She knows the mittens might not be done in time to use this winter-- and honestly, this winter has been so warm in our area, aside from one or two cold spells, that there may be little need for mittens, anyway!

She shared some cute mitten photos she'd found online, and I tried to find a pattern that would match them as closely as possible.  Unfortunately, most of the patterns I liked were sized for children-- but the basic concept seem fairly straightforward:  Make a pair of mittens in the right size, using a plain mitten pat…