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Slowly, Slowly

Well, I'm slowly(and I do mean slowly) making progress on some of the "open" projects listed in my last entry.

I worked some on the Summer Garden Secret, and could probably finish it in an evening, if I'd just make myself.  (Note to self:  Make yourself.)  I need to pre-wash before I can do the very last bit, though.  Maybe I'll remember to do that this afternoon, when the regular laundry is done.

I weaved in ends on the six motifs already crocheted for the Hypno-Cushion.

I sewed the floral embellishments onto the Rusty French market bag.  Need to photograph it, but I think it's done!  (One item checked off my list!)

  - - - - - - -
I'm within sight of the end of the Regency Ruffles scarf.  It's long enough that I could just bind off and call it done, but I like long scarves, and there's so very little of one of the balls... (I'm holding two strands of laceweight together, and one ball is significantly smaller than the other.)  I'll keep k…