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A This 'n' That Post

Spring is here in full force, with highs in the 80s already, so I'm trying to get things done outdoors.  Despite plans to get big things done during the winter, most of it is still unfinished.  (Isn't that how these things usually go?)  Mostly my Need-to-Do List is mulch-mulch-mulch and weed-weed-weed, but there are also seeds to start, seedlings to tend, raised vegetable beds to prepare for planting (we moved them this year, and they need more soil), and "rustic obelisks" to build.  Also, we went to a plant show late last week, so there are a few new plants to place.  (Yay for new plants!  I've blogged about this elsewhere, if you're interested.)

Maybe it's as a result of spring that I'm feeling the urge to set aside the cool-weather crafts... Thread crochet is sounding better by the day.

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Though I've yet to take photos, I finished the second Meret.  (...Did I even mention that I was starting a second one?)  I made the second hat lar…

Finished Meret

I just found this draft version of a post.

Here it is, albeit late:

I weaved in the two tails on the Meret, today.  It still needs washing and blocking (not sure how much I'll block it), but here it is, fresh of the needles.

I tried it on to see how it fits me, for future reference.  It did turn out a little small for my tastes.  The brim fits, but it's snug, and the body of the hat was much less loose and beret-like than I'd like.  I think it would work well for someone with a smaller head, though.  Maybe a child. 

If I were to make this pattern again (and I might) for an adult, I'd go up to the large size and work at least two extra repeats.  (This time, I worked one extra.  Without that, I think it would look very odd.  But then again, I don't usually like tight/small hat styles.) 

Fit aside, I really enjoyed this pattern.  It's just complicated enough to keep it from being boring-- great for knitting while you listen to TV or an audiobook.  The ne…

Be of Good Cheer Samplerghan

The "Be of Good Cheer" Samplerghan is in its new home tonight (with my mother, in celebration of her birthday), so it's time to write the final blog entry about that particular afghan and bid it a fond farewell. 

This one has taken its time.  I started the first block just before Valentine's Day in 2013, finished the last block in June that same year, then put it into a heavy hibernation until early 2015.

After putting off the dreaded joining for a year and a half, it came together fairly quickly with a flat braid crochet join.  (I like that joining method.  I'd like it even better if the blocks to be joined were more uniform in stitch count.)

For the border, it was the perfect time to try out a pom-pom edging.  The pom-poms were fun to make, but it did take a while to crochet.  And then the skein of yarn I was using ran out!  With only eleven pom-poms left to make!!  (Fortunately, it wasn't a rare, one-of-a-kind, impossible-to-match yarn.  The match is pret…