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FO: "Marion"

Pattern: "Marion", by Grace Fearon
Thread: DMC Baroque (size 10) in "Ecru"
Hook size: 1.75mm

Click here for my Ravelry project page.

The designer now offers (as an additional, separate purchase) a full-project video tutorial (which streams through Facebook, I believe) for people who can prove they have bought the written pattern.  I haven't seen it and don't plan to purchase it, but I imagine such a video would be useful for crocheters who have trouble working from written instructions or who are apprehensive about following an advanced pattern on their own.

My project notes:
What an excellent doily design! The texture is amazing and the written pattern detailed. I enjoyed making this from start to finish.

This is not for a beginner (unless it’s the most adventurous, determined beginner in the world!), but if you take it one bit at a time, I think it’s less challenging than it may look. Just be sure to read the pattern carefully, count your stitches, and use s…

Quilt Crumbs and Granny Squares

I finished "Marion" a while ago, but simply never remembered it needed blocking until nighttime, and I prefer to do my blocking when there's plenty of daylight and I'm fully awake.  Last week, I finally remembered at an appropriate time, so the FO post for that should follow shortly.

Otherwise, I've been sewing more crumbs again.  It's slim pickings in my crumb box.  The box is by no means empty, but there's not a lot of variety, so I'll probably stop again, before long.  Time to work on something more structured and let the crumbs accumulate a bit.  Even without as much variety as I'd like, it's still fun to see what you can make out of practically nothing. 

(The seams didn't all meet in that star block on top.  I need practice!  --But since this is super casual scrappy/crumby piecing, I'm not that bothered.  It's plenty good enough for my crumb quilt.)

My current crochet project is also scrappy.  It's something started in Apr…

FO: Dancing Pumpkins (+ Doily WIP and 1st FMQ Trial)

(Squeezing in as many mysterious abbreviations as possible in that title field... ;o))

First, I have way too many photos of the latest finished objects-- the "window quilts".  Here they are after quilting, but before washing.

I straight-line quilted them on my sewing machine.  This is the most densely I've ever quilted anything bigger than a pot-holder, I think.  It was sometimes a struggle to maneuver through the limited harp/throat space, even with such a relatively small piece.

The backing is just the same cream sheet I used for the carpenter's star "window quilt" I made before, and the binding is a solid golden yellow.

Here they are after washing and drying.
First, the valance/runner.  (I don't think I got the whole thing in any single photo, but this is the gist of it...)

The first photo was taken with a flash; this is how the valance generally looks when the light inside is brighter than the light coming from the window.  The second has harsher li…