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We've Got a Runner! (And a new WIP.)

As promised, I'm back with some photos of the finished and blocked crochet table runner.  The light could've been better (or I could've bothered to use the tripod), but they'll do.

Of course, now that I look at these photos, all I can see is the incongruity of my blocking-- the wobbling lines-- but, again, it will do.  I do think it looks nice on the table, especially when I'm not staring directly at it, looking for flaws.  ;o)

The pattern was designed by Kazuko Hayashi and was published in a Japanese book (Beautiful Pineapple Crochet Lace).  Though there are some instructions in Japanese only, I think the chart was clear enough to follow without that extra information.  (The book appears to be out of print...)

Since I wasn't sure about the required yardage and wanted to be sure I'd have enough thread, I used one of those huge "jumbo" balls of Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet in the "Natural" color (ecru/cream).  I have no idea how much …

Crochet and Crumbs

There's something new on the blocking mat!  It's a thread crochet table runner that I started back in April, so it's been a while in coming-- though to be fair, I haven't worked on it non-stop since then.  (It's only felt that way, sometimes!)

My blocking job's not perfect, but it'll do.

It's a pretty design, and I'm happy with my results, but I wouldn't want to make it again.  All that back and forth of crocheting rows (rather than rounds, which I prefer)!  The separate strips that require multiple "pep talks" to get started and finished!  The joining of the different elements!  The edging! 

This was definitely a "product project" rather than a "process project"-- meaning that I kept crocheting more because I wanted the finished product than because I particularly enjoyed the process of crocheting it.

Once it's dry, I'll try to get some good photos without the blocking mat and all the pins, but even these …

Pump Up the Pumpkins! Dance! Dance!

I don't think I included this exact view of the room in my recent "room rearrangement" post.  I love that I can see out the window from behind the sewing machine.  (That particular part of the garden could use some work, though.  Maybe I'll plant some colorful annuals out there next year so there's more to see.)

The natural light helps, but it's rarely enough on its own.  Any time I'm going to sew, I also switch on the ceiling light and a nearby lamp.  This happens to be a sunlight (full spectrum) lamp, which is great for showing colors accurately.  It's actually probably overkill for "just" lighting up my sewing station, but I have it and might as well use it-- and it is very bright.

- - - - - - -
I'm still working on the current quilting project-- new, seasonal window dressings for the kitchen.  There are a lot of pieces, so it's taking a while.

Here are all the remaining "block kits" waiting to be paired with their str…