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Progress Report

Ok!  Doily progress report!

I'm in the middle of adding the "afterthought" white picot trim to the previous band of turquoise.  It's going pretty smoothly.  As long as this doesn't somehow mess up the blocking by making that round too tight, that should be fine.

The next step is choosing pretty rose and leaf patterns.  I have a few options bookmarked in this book (Harmony Guides Crochet Stitch Motifs).  Now for the difficult process of actually making a decision!

- - - - - - -

I added a few hexagons to the stash-buster last night.  Those little hexagons are fun to make! 

- - - - - - -
I'm feeling the urge to start a(nother) knitting project, but maybe I'll resist and pull out one of the crochet WIPs instead.  The Catherine Wheel ("Rhubarb wanna-be") scarf was just barely started when I put it away, but I think that one has real potential... It should be fun to watch the colors change, but I have to, you know, crochet until I come to those co…

Doily Progress (???)

I did run out of the light aqua thread for the current doily-in-progress.  It was so close, but there simply wasn't enough yardage, so I ripped out that round and started again with a different thread-- Aunt Lydia's in "Aqua".

The two aquas are not quite the same, but they're not glaringly different, either.  If only I'd known I wouldn't have enough of the first aqua, I could've introduced the second aqua earlier in the doily.  There are two repetitions of those meshy, loopy bands in the doily, and crocheting with the darker aqua for just one round, earlier in the pattern, would've made the use of two shades look entirely intentional.  But I was unwilling to rip back to that point-- and it's fine as it is!  Most likely, when it's in use, there will be something on top of the doily, covering enough of it that you won't even think about it. 

When I came to the final round, with all the picots, I decided to use white.  I hadn't used …

Mysteryghan Finished!

The 2014 Mysteryghan/Deco'Ghan is all done.  Ends woven in-- washed-- dried.
Photos, anyone?

It's not my favorite afghan I've ever crocheted (the colors...), but it's not hideous, either (imho). Of course since it was a mystery crochet-along-- and I was trying to stash-bust-- some of my color choices/placements could have been better, but I don't think it looks bad.  Even the dreaded harvest gold is alright in this context, I think.   (To tell the truth, the longer I look at it, the better I like it...)

Although this is not a huge afghan, it's still been on the WIP list for months and months, so I'm happy to have it completely done. :o)

The pattern (Deco'Ghan) has plenty of variation to keep things interesting.  ...Well, there are several of some of the motifs... Twenty of one type of square, I think-- but that's nothing compared to making an entire adult-sized afghan from one type of square.  Lots of fpdc, though.  If you hate them, I think the …

Another Hobby?

I've been playing around with paints-- acrylic and watercolor-- off and on (mostly "off"), for the past several months.  Just for the fun of it, mind you!  No formal training, as they say.  I used to love drawing and coloring with crayons, markers, and color pencils, as a child.  I still like doodling, on occasion.  However, while I was fairly good at drawing-- for my age-- as a child, I'm afraid that my artistic skill stopped developing, at some point.  Sadly, I can no longer say I'm a decent artist for my age.  ;o)

Well, if I can make something I'm not ashamed to hang in our own home, that'll be satisfaction enough.  I can only improve with practice, right?  And it's a very engrossing pastime... Pleasant, too, until you realize you've just messed something up royally and will have to try to fix it, somehow.   

Donald has painted/drawn pictures as gifts for members of his family, before, but he's yet to make anything for us to keep.  I'v…

No FOs!

I still don't have any finished objects to show!

1.  Donald was sick with a cold most of the week before last.  It always throws things a little out of kilter when one of us is sick.

2.  Now that the cool weather is finally here (after cruelly teasing us, then deserting us again), we've been trying to get a few things done outdoors.  I've been pulling weeds.  (SO MANY WEEDS.  Piles and piles of them.  How did they grow so quickly?!)  Then over the weekend, we took out a rotted fence post and put down a new one, which involved clearing some overgrown grass and pulling/attaching the fencing material.  Also, we started work on the round "stone bed" over the septic tank.  Took out the stones (as many as possible), put down old asphalt shingles to serve as a barrier, and put the stones back on top.  (Lesson: Stones work their way into soil with alarming speed, without some type of barrier in place.  Or at least these did.)  We still need more stones to finish…

This and That Crochet

The doily is going along very sloooowly.  I think it'll be pretty when it's done, though.  :o)

Should I admit that I've already made a mistake?  There are some rounds with long chains and lots of single crochet into those chains, and though I went to the trouble of counting and marking up my chart, I referred to the wrong number on one round, which made it impossible to work part of the next round into the very center of those many single crochets (because there was no exact center).  Eh, it'll be fine.

- - - - - - -
A long while ago, I sorted through my stash of yarn and pulled out all the Caron Simply Soft and similar yarns.  (I've decided not to buy more of it, because I don't love it, and Simply Soft's skinny version of so-called worsted weight doesn't work well-- imho-- with other, chubbier worsted weight yarns.)

A lot of it seemed to fall together into a decent color scheme (or so I tell myself).  There are blues-- white-- grey-- and a little gree…

Frosting Cowl Finished!

Last week, I decided to call the Frosting Cowl finished.
(And now I'm going to blather on about it for paragraphs.  Apologies.)

I weighed my leftovers (from two balls, because there was a knot near the end of one, so I went ahead and joined the next ball early), and it turns out I used less than I expected-- 2.62 skeins (531 yards).  I could've kept knitting on it, but it was time to stop, and I think it's plenty big enough. 

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that this was my first time using a provisional cast-on.  Are there multiple methods of provisional cast-on?  I imagine so.  Anyway, I used one that starts with a crocheted chain of scrap yarn.  (You'll find a link in my Ravelry project notes-- see link above.)  It wasn't exactly difficult, but getting the knitting needle into the chain wasn't the smoothest thing I've ever done, either.  Undoing the chain and "reclaiming" the loops seemed much easier.  The whole process wasn't bad at …