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Playing Possum

Yarn made from possum fur...
I've seen it mentioned once or twice before, but somehow I manage to forget, so each time feels like the first... That sensation of disbelief. 

It's not uncommon to see opossums (which we call just "possums") around here, foraging for food in the woods or as roadkill.  Are the Australian or Kiwi possums this yarn is coming from much different from the ones we have in North America?  I really don't know.  Our "possums" are wild, scary-looking creatures with beady eyes, claws, and needle-like teeth.  I have a very hard time thinking of them as a cuddly source of yarn.  Now, maybe possum yarn is wonderfully soft.  I wouldn't know.  Certainly it could be fun to tell people, when they comment on an article of clothing, that it's made from possum fur.  (And then to watch as they struggle to cover an expression of horror or disgust with one of polite interest.) 

All that said, when I first learned that people made yarn fr…

Doilies & Mysteries -- But No Photos!

Thread Crochet--
Well, I finished the doily that I thought might end up rippling, then started another (smaller) one that I thought would behave better.  And wouldn't you know it, that one gave me more trouble than the first one!  It was fine until one of the last few rounds, at which point I began to have serious doubts.  I managed to get them both blocked, but I won't be making those patterns again!

No Progress--
There's no progress to report on the Cheerful Afghan, the Isis shawl, the cotton basket, or any of my hibernating projects.  I need to gear myself up for a "finishing spree".  Scratching a few off things off my hibernating/in-progress list would feel awfully nice...

I mentioned the Mysteryghan CAL Julie Yeager is hosting in my last post.  I've been working on the first clue, ("Little Bitties", released earlier this week), and I'm about halfway done.  It's fun, and I really like the looks of the pieces, so far.  (I love…

Checking In Again

Progress reports, anyone?  ;o)

Cheerful Afghan--
It's in a rut.  I did put in a few more rounds on the Crocodile Flower block, but I've yet to finish it.  I only need one more block, I believe, and then it will be time to think about joining.  The fact that it's starting to feel summery outside probably has something to do with the stall-out.

Cotton Basket--
Put into "Time Out", a.k.a. out of sight, out of mind.  That thing was hurting my hand(s) to crochet, so to tell the truth, I'm not eager to pick it back up.  But I will, one of these days, because I want to see it finished.

Gifts for my Niece--
The secret projects I mentioned last time were gifts for my niece's 2nd birthday.  I made her a little amigurumi bunny and a duck.  She seemed to really like them, which made it worth the discomfort of making them.  (g)  I don't enjoy making amigurumi, but they're just so darn cute that I can't resist the occasional temptation.

Also in the gift bag--…


100/365 - Crochet Project, a photo by MossyOwls on Flickr. A bunny in the making...

The Stack

The Stack Grows, a photo by MossyOwls on Flickr. At a stand-still...

Thread Crochet

86/365 - Thread Crochet, a photo by MossyOwls on Flickr.