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New Knitting WIP

I decided to start another WIP-- "Because I'm worth it!" ~hair flip~

Wait, don't go!  I was only joking!  Well, not about starting another WIP-- that part is all too true-- but about the obnoxious "worth it" statement.  (That old cosmetics slogan is eye-roll-inducing, but it must be working for L'OrĂ©al, as long as they've been using it.)

The new project is... a cowl!


Another cowl?
Yes, another.

And we might as well all get used to it, because I have too many to mention in my Ravelry queue.  Apparently that "thing" Hollywood wants us to believe about all women being addicted to (outrageously expensive) shoes and having a whole wall of the closet devoted entirely to shoe storage has instead manifested itself in me as a cowl obsession.

...Well, not really.  It would be much closer to the truth to say that I have a craft-supply obsession.  While other women (supposedly) hoard high-heeled shoes and designer handbags, I stash away yar…

Art Deco Mysteryghan, Etc.

I got a slow start on the past week's Mysteryghan clue.
(Warning: I'm verbose on the subject...)

Once given my full attention, the continuation of the "medallion" went pretty smoothly.  All those fpdc (and chains along the back) make for an extremely cushy fabric.  It would make a nice pillow cover (or seat cushion, as one participant has pointed out), though I'm not in the mood to make it again, at the moment...  (The increase, where you have to crochet into the top of a stitch that already has a fpdc around it?  That's the culprit.  Don't care for that particular maneuver at all.) 

I also hesitated over this week's squares, because they were intended to be worked all in the color I've assigned to be "harvest gold".  Two problems with that.  One, I don't have a ton of that (long-ago-discontinued, vintage) yarn, and I want to be sure I have enough to spread around the whole afghan.  Two (and this was the bigger issue), I still think…

Old-Fashioned Update

The collection of granny squares for the "Old-Fashioned" afghan slowly multiplies.

They're such fun to make!  Mindless, carefree crochet.  The only downside, really, is all the ends to weave in.  Two per color, four colors per square = eight ends per square.  (Woo, basic arithmetic.) Whip up a handful of granny squares, and before you know it you've got 30 or 40 ends hanging there, taunting you.  It's a must to stop regularly and weave them in, because I hate having a ton of ends to weave at the end of a project-- really, really hate it.  (Confession:  I still haven't finished weaving in all the tails on my first hexagon-motif afghan... I'll try to work on it when cool weather comes around again.  It would be insanity to do it in the middle of summer.) 

The palette is a bit restricted at the moment, but I think that it'll all come together, eventually.  That so-called palette is determined by what colors happen to be in my scrap basket at the moment…

Mysteryghan Progress & More!

Still knitting away at the Billowy Delight scarf-- very slowly, because it's not the most exciting thing to do.   (No photo, but you're not missing out on much.  It looks the same as last time, just maybe a little longer.)

- - - - -
Still keeping up with the Art Deco Mysteryghan.

Every Friday there's a new clue, and so far it hasn't been difficult to finish one clue before the next one comes.  I had to force myself to do part of this week's clue, though.  Four blocks worked side to side (instead of in rounds).  I am not a fan of working side to side.  "Round and round we go" is so much more fun!  Especially when you have to crochet an edging into those rough sides.  I think they came out ok, though. Maybe a little wobbly in spots. but that'll even out after joining.

Here come a couple of photos, so if you're avoiding spoilers for Clues 2 and 3, don't scroll down!
Ok, you've been warned.  ;o)

Here are my pieces from…

Billowy Delight Now More Delightful

Well, maybe "delightful" is a bit of a stretch, but at least I'm finding knitting the Billowy Delight scarf more pleasant than the last time I was working on it.  That's my current WIP-of-choice, while I wait for the next Mysteryghan clue.  (Coming on Friday!  I know what I'll be doing Friday night, assuming we don't go anywhere for Fourth of July fireworks.)

Billowy Delight is nicer to knit when you have something to listen to.  TV.  Audiobook.  Should I admit that I, a grown woman, am working my way through Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, which is my current choice of lunchtime entertainment?  It's such a silly teen drama, but it's addictive.  For audiobooks, it's Madam, Will You Talk, by Mary Stewart, in the evenings, if I'm not in the mood for music and there's nothing worth watching on TV... and there rarely is, at the moment.  Summertime TV is lacking.  I'm curious about NBC's upcoming Welcome to Sweden, though.  All those Sw…