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Quilted Table Runner and Crocheted Pillow Covers

Time for a project update!

Craft-time has focused mainly on the Ogee Afghan, for the past several weeks.

I've decided I finally have enough motif strips and have begun joining them using the "zipper method".

Next, there's the border to consider.  I think I'll keep the border very simple (and probably fairly narrow) on this afghan, but that depends on how it looks when the time comes.

Here are a couple of photos of the joining process:

- - - - - - -
In between motifs, I've done a few other small-scale crafty things.

I hemmed a couple of sets of (store-bought) curtains.  We've been using them for a while, but one set needed hemming because the fusible tape (applied in lieu of stitching) was coming loose, and I wanted to hem the other set because I was tired of having them at "pooling" length.  (Pooled curtains just aren't practical with two long-haired indoor dogs and the resultant pet-hair tumbleweeds.)

Then there were three small throw …