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Rubber-Handled Crochet Hooks

The Tulip Etimo Rose hook arrived earlier this week, so I decided to pull out all my similarly sized rubber-handled hooks and do some comparison. (I left the Clover Amour hook mostly out of it, because that's a steel hook and the handle is not likely to be quite the same size as a Clover Amour aluminum hook would be.)

I'll include a few photos at the bottom of this entry, but first things first...

Tulip Etimo vs. Tulip Etimo Rose: 

The differences appear to be nearly entirely cosmetic.
The Tulip Etimo handle is a brown, and the metal is a very warm golden tone.
The Tulip Etimo Rose handle is pink (thus the "Rose" part), and the metal is a silver tone. 

The brand and size markings vary slightly between the two, but in every other way, they appear to be identical.  Same length.  Same handle shape and size.  Same style of tip and length of shank.  Both are aluminum hooks with a fairly matte finish (for metal).  Both have an "elastomer" handle with the same tex…

A Little of This, A Little of That

Last weekend, I started the border for the Mysteryghan.  I'd just started the time-consuming cable round before becoming completely sidetracked.

Then I picked up the Frosting cowl again.  I'm on to the third (and final) ball of yarn, trying to decide how long it should be before I have to figure out how to seam it-- and whether or not I can/should make it a moebius.  (It definitely has a "right" and a "wrong" side, and I'm not sure how that'll work with a moebius.)

It's an enjoyable project, but it needs to be finished to make room for another WIP!  I've gotten fully into the groove on this one, now: I no longer need to refer to the pattern to remind myself-- just in case-- what to do for each cable row.  (It's a simple pattern, but it's knitting, you know.  That makes it harder for me to memorize and feel confident that I'm doing it correctly.)  Funny how that always seems to happen.  Just when you really get into the flo…

Finished Pillow Slip-Covers (and More)!

Not exactly "tomorrow", but...

The pillow slip-covers are done and on the couch!  I'm still not the very best at cutting perfect squares of fabric, but I think the string quilt kit is within the realm of possibility, now.  Of course, that doesn't mean I'll start working on it right away... So many other projects already underway!

But let's bask in the rare sunshine of the finished project.  ;o)

Here are a few photos of the pillow covers:

As you can see, they're pretty random and rustic-- shabby chic with a touch of darkness?-- but I'm satisfied.

- - - - - - -
While I was in "sewing mode", I went ahead and hemmed a pair of jeans into capris.  I made a couple of pair of capris the same way a couple of years (or so) ago, and I've worn those things constantly all summer.  Mine are completely casual, but it's something different from the standard "hack and hem" ;o) or "roll-up" look.  And if you wanted to, you could d…

What?! Actual SEWING??

When I started this blog, I expected to write occasionally about sewing projects.  (Hence the blog's name.)  I hadn't even really learned how to crochet, at that point.

Since the first entry (written in November 2008, which boggles my mind, because can it truly have been that long ago?), I've teetered through the learning stages of crochet and moved on to more advanced crochet (as long as you don't count fitted items like sweaters...).  Those thread doilies that once seemed all but impossible are now just a relaxing pastime.  (Ok, a relaxing pastime with the occasional moment of "Argh!  Why won't this blasted thing flatten out?!  Flatten!  I command you to FLATTEN!)  With the help of the Internet, I've taught myself to knit, have learned that even lace and  those amazing cables are possible, and have dabbled in food-color dyeing.

Basically, yarn has taken over my crafty interests in a very big way!  (And I've learned to regret the poorly fitting name o…