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Crocheted Cushion Cover

About the beginning of July, I decided to try to make something from some of the novelty yarn I’d bought (on clearance) before I really knew how to crochet.  Using the knitting loom, eyelash yarns could sometimes take a little extra patience, but it wasn't that bad.  However, it turns out that fluffy novelty yarn is kind of a nightmare to crochet with. (g) It was nearly impossible for me to see for sure where to insert the hook, so I just did my best. (I could feel where to put the hook more than I could see it.) On the plus side, the yarn is so fluffy that you can’t really see if you make minor mistakes. It’s pretty forgiving.

I made really simple granny squares-- just three rounds per square, counting the starting chain loop. When I had enough, I crocheted them together along the back. Because this is going to be a cushion cover, I didn’t even bother weaving in all my loose ends. I figure I can just keep them pushed to the back. (Yeah, I’m a little lazy. (g))

All I have to do no…

Bookmark Photos

This is the bookmark I mentioned the last time I wrote here (which was, um, way too long ago-- sorry!)...

...And here's a bit of a close-up:

I also made a second version without the flower "tassel", which I think looked just as good (if not better).

I've written before that I didn't like variegated yarn/thread as much as plain-colored thread and yarn. For that most part, that still holds true, but in the meantime I've learned that there are some patterns that look nice with variegation.  This Queen Anne's Lace-style stitching, for instance.  It was fun to watch the colors change while I crocheted-- and of course (because I didn't start at the same place in the color sequence in the thread), the two bookmarks ended up looking slightly different.  (This was also fun!)

So don't count me out on variegation altogether.  ;o)