Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crocheted Cushion Cover

About the beginning of July, I decided to try to make something from some of the novelty yarn I’d bought (on clearance) before I really knew how to crochet.  Using the knitting loom, eyelash yarns could sometimes take a little extra patience, but it wasn't that bad.  However, it turns out that fluffy novelty yarn is kind of a nightmare to crochet with. (g) It was nearly impossible for me to see for sure where to insert the hook, so I just did my best. (I could feel where to put the hook more than I could see it.) On the plus side, the yarn is so fluffy that you can’t really see if you make minor mistakes. It’s pretty forgiving.

269/365 - Novelty Yarn Granny Squares

I made really simple granny squares-- just three rounds per square, counting the starting chain loop. When I had enough, I crocheted them together along the back. Because this is going to be a cushion cover, I didn’t even bother weaving in all my loose ends. I figure I can just keep them pushed to the back. (Yeah, I’m a little lazy. (g))

All I have to do now is figure out how I want to put together the two halves (and find/make the perfect cushion to put them on)…

I need to take photos of the squares stitched together.  They look much nicer already!

On a side note, I think that crocheting with novelty yarn might be more manageable if held together with a strand of regular yarn-- something to give you a better view of where your stitches are.