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Doilies and Spring Sampler

Last time I wrote (about a month ago), the sampler was on hold and the ogee afghan was the Project-in-Chief.  Oh, how the tables have turned... (Or something.)  Now it's the ogee afghan that's in time-out, and the sampler is back in the spotlight.

But first, I have a couple of completed doilies to show!

I mentioned in the last entry that I'd made yet another "Summer Splendor"-- my fifth:

Pattern:  "Summer Splendor" by Denise Augostine Owens

Thread:  (discontinued) America's Best Country Cotton Thread (size 10) in "Raspberry"
(I used only part of one 350-yard ball.  Quite a bit left over.)

Hook:  1.75mm Clover Amour (No. 0)

As always, this is a relatively simple, repetitive doily pattern-- ideal, I think, for someone new to doilies or for any time you want to be able to just sit and crochet thread without having to refer to a pattern very often or keep intricate counts in your head.  And the results are always so pretty!

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