Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 19 of 30 Days of Knitting

Day 19:  Do you watch movies and/or listen to podcasts while knitting?  What are your favorite things to knit to?

I knit and crochet to a variety of things-- movies (at home-- I do need light to see what I'm doing, unlike some people), TV programs, DVDs of favorite costume dramas, talk radio, music, or audio books.  Rarely do I knit with nothing going in the background.  I can do it, but I like having something to listen to.

I've listened to a knitting podcast twice (well, one was a podcast and the other was a "videocast", or whatever they're called).  I like the idea of podcasts, but I'm simply not in the routine of loading and listening to them... Also, the first one I listened to was only just "ok".  Mostly it was just two women chit-chatting about what they had been knitting.  (g)  --Which is fine, but maybe not the most interesting thing to listen to for an hour.  My second try turned out to be much the same thing-- only in this case it was a man and a woman (and the woman did most of the talking).  Still, the second time around, I found it more interesting, so maybe the chit-chat format is growing on me...

Since I don't have anyone to talk to (in person) about crochet or knitting (without feeling that I'll bore them to death and they won't understand most of what I'm talking about, anyway), I guess listening to a couple of other people doing so may fill some sort of gap in my conversational life. ;o)  (Ha.  My conversational life.  I'm not usually much of a talker to anyone but my husband, so...)

A couple of interesting-looking related links (though I haven't really read through all of them):

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So, it looks like there are quite a few knitting podcasts still running.  (I'd wondered if the golden age of podcasting was over-- just in time for me to miss out on it!-- after finding a few that looked interesting, only to discover that they were no longer being produced.)  Now it's a matter of finding the one(s) that fit best with my interests and sense of humor.

If anyone would care to recommend a favorite podcast (about knitting or crocheting, preferably), I'm definitely interested.  :o)