Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Month of Craft Photos

Now that I've finished the knitting meme, I'm on the look-out for other crafty memes.  I haven't found much.  (If anyone knows of a good crochet meme, for instance...)

I did find a crochet-themed "list meme" (where you put items into bold or italics depending on if you've done them/want to do them); I may do that, one of these days, but I don't generally enjoy list memes quite as much as other types.  (There's also a knitting version of the list meme, but at this point, I don't think I'd be able to put much in bold/"done it".)

The most interesting meme-ish thing I found was a Flickr group called "A Month of Craft Photos". The group's base page offers this description:
A Month of Craft Photos is a photo-a-day challenge to help practice and improve your photographs of your crafts and craft inspiration. Follow the daily prompts, mix and match them, or come up with your own ideas for each day. The prompts can be interpreted in a variety of ways so have fun with them!
Sounds like fun!  It seems like the originally intended month was early this year, but the daily prompts are all still there on the page I linked to above-- two months' worth of prompts, even.  I've gotten into a bit of a photo-taking/-editing slump lately-- especially as regards my crochet and knitting projects-- so maybe this will inspire me to dust off the camera and take better photos.

...I'm not sure if I'll start today or tomorrow or just wait for Monday.  It would've been smart to start yesterday, since that was the first of the month, but oh well. (g)  Anyway, if anyone else is going to do a Month (or two) of Craft Photos, I'd love to see how you interpret the prompts!