Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 1: Me in Action



Me in Action

I really hate taking photos of myself. It's so difficult getting a flattering, in-focus self-portrait, and it doesn't help that I almost always feel I look awful in photos. (Losing a few pounds might help...) Anyway, here are a couple of boring photos of me in crafty action. (If I get some inspiration and snap a better photo this afternoon, I'll edit this post later on.)

ETA:  Well, I don't really like this one, either, but at least it's a more honest (i.e. full-body) self-portrait.  This is how I usually prefer to crochet-- sitting "Indian style" on the couch.  I always look slimmer (no double chin!) and less grumpy in my mind's eye, though.  Funny how that works...  ;o)

Me in Action