Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 17: Last FO I Used

Day 17:  Last FO I Used

Not counting the FOs I use continuously-- doilies, decorative pot holders, dish scrubbers, and my crochet/knitting tool pincushion-- I think this is the last FO (finished object) I used.  This is my "Very Vintage V-Stitch-Ghan"

It's not exactly afghan weather here (hasn't been for a couple months and won't be until late October, probably), but every now and then I still want a blanket (such as when I'm lying directly under a ceiling fan while using the Back Magic).

I had a lot of fun crocheting that blanket.  It's a little bit crazy with some of the color combinations, but I still like it.  It's surprisingly warm for something with so many small "holes" in the fabric-- yet it also feels a little bit lighter weight, which is practical in this climate. (There's a link to the free pattern on the Ravelry project page linked above.)