Saturday, December 20, 2014


I haven't taken the photo(s) mentioned at the end of the last blog entry.  The day was dreary and dark-- not ideal photography weather.  Besides, I was too lazy to clear the table and snap some photos.  Sad, isn't it?  ;o)

This morning, I weaved in the ends of my latest crochet project, but since it's a Christmas gift, I'll save the details. Having that done (all but the blocking) means I'm free to return to work on one of the WIPs.  The Catherine Wheel scarf, maybe. 

However, even if the Christmas crocheting is done, that doesn't mean there aren't other crafty distractions of a holiday nature.  I have a small decoupage project at the top of the list, along with plans for a tiny dalliance with polymer clay.  (It's been a while since I've done much with clay.)  Then there's a very small possible hemming project (for something to go along with a Christmas gift)...

I'm excited about all of those small projects-- and yet what I really want to do is sew something scrappy.  More crumb squares.  But those require crumbs.  I need more crumbs.  I don't have more crumbs.  But... I could make them.  I could certainly make them... If I made a cover for the new sewing machine, that might generate a few scraps-- legitimate, natural crumbs, unlike the fake, manufactured ones I'm contemplating.  (g) 

I guess I'll stick with the need-to-finish projects until they're done, then see what course of action feels right.  ...And meanwhile continue to daydream about tasty fabric crumbs...