Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Checking In

Just popping by briefly, today.  :o)

"A-Gypsying" Along

I made as many more of the floral motifs as I could stand.  (I think it was about 44 or so.)  Now (as of yesterday evening) I'm back to joining them up again.  I'll probably need a few more to even things up-- as well as the half-hexies to fill in the large gaps.

9/365 - "A-Gypsying" Along

I've been thinking about it, and I believe I'll arrange the motifs so that the half-hexies go on the two shorter sides, with the zig-zaggy sides down the length.  I tend to like the zig-zagged sides... and anything that means making fewer of the half-hexies is good with me.  (g)

In other crafty news--

--Did I ever mention on this blog that I was starting to crochet a hat?  (The "Elegant Hat" pattern.)  Well, that didn't exactly work out.  I ended up ripping most of it back, turning part of into a pot holder (yes, really), and putting the project on hold.  I still like the hat (again, when made large enough that it doesn't fit like a beanie), but I really don't like tons of single crochet... So I'm not sure when I'll try again.

--I cast-on for a Thick & Quick Ribbed Cowl to use a single skein of Loops & Threads Charisma that looked sad all by its lonesome in my yarn stash.  After a slow start (decided to go down a needle size and had to re-start), it's been going very well-- and of course it works up quickly in that bulky yarn-- but it simply can't compete with the afghan for my attention, so I'm not making much progress on it. 

Yes, it all comes back to the afghan.  I can't concentrate on any other crafty pursuit until that thing's done.  Afghan-on-the-brain.  It's a serious condition.  ;o)