Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finished: Knitted Pincushion / Doo-Dads Cushion

I completed the three knitted rectangles for this pincushion back in October but put off assembling it because I didn’t know how to sew it together perfectly. Well, fast-forward however-many months and I still didn’t know, but I decided to just do it anyway-- any-which-way.

For some reason, I had a hard time visualizing how I was supposed to put this thing together. Now that I finally have done it, I’m not sure why I was so confused… (g) 

Anyway, it’s done, and I think it looks alright, despite my imperfect construction.  I didn’t sew the bottom, so the separate loops are still not connected to one another. If it turns out that they’re coming apart too much, I’ll go back and stitch the whole thing together.

I think I'm going to use mine as a knitting/crocheting doo-dads cushion.  

Knitted Pincushion / Doo-Dads Holder