Monday, January 10, 2011

Circle of Friends Afghan Progress

Time for a couple of progress photos!

First, a detail photo of the first Circle of Friends motif I made...

Macro 7/31:  Circles in the Square

And here's a (rather blurry) photo of all the squares I had made as of yesterday afternoon.  (I finished one more last night, though, so I'm up to six!)

Circle of Friends Blanket Progress

(The one in the upper left-hand corner is the second one I made.  It's my least favorite, so far-- too "circus-y" for my tastes-- but I think it'll be fine when they're all mixed and matched together.)

I'm going to make all the squares before I begin connecting them, so there's plenty of time to arrange them just so.  ...And also plenty of time to agonize over the final placement.  ;o)

...I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out.  I think it's going to be very bright and cheery, indeed!

One thing I noticed is that my squares measure about 7 inches instead of the 8 inches mentioned in the pattern.  I'm not sure why.  I'm using worsted weight yarn with an H hook (which the pattern suggests, I believe.)  On the other hand, I did change the ch-3s to ch-2s... And of course gauge varies from person to person.  Anyway, I'm fine with them being 7 inches-- but I think I'm going to make the blanket five squares wide instead of the 4x5 I'd originally (tentatively) planned.  As for how long it'll be, that depends on how things look when I get closer to the project's end.  5x6?  5x7?  Probably one or the other of those dimensions. 

I have many squares yet to crochet!  (Yay!)

P.S.  My fingers are confused today.  I can't seem to type "circle" or "square" correctly on the first try, no matter how many times I need to type them!