Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a Heads Up. . .

It's a little bit of late notice, but you still have about a day to enter a fun "giveaway extravaganza" over at Scotty's Place.  The blogger-- Pammy Sue-- is celebrating her fourth blogiversary with five bundles of craft books (mostly crochet, but also a couple of sewing books, if that's more your interest).  Five bundles means five different winners!  Hop over to this post to read all the details on how to enter.

Blog giveaways always seem like so much fun.  I ought to do one of my own, someday. . . (Maybe on my polymer clay blog, though, assuming I ever actually start blogging there again. . .)

ETA:  Seems I was mistaken about the lateness of this post! You actually have until midnight today to enter the giveaway.