Thursday, March 4, 2010

National Month of Annoyance Over National Months ;o)

Apparently, March is National Crochet Month and National Craft Month.

Busy month!

P.S.  I kind of hate all that "National This 'n' That Month" stuff.  It just seems so pointless.  It might have made sense once upon a time, when few things had "national months", but these days, everything has an official national month, it seems.  Either that or there are lots of bogus national months being falsely advertised here, there, and everywhere.

Why must there be a special month for every possible cause and/or interest?  If something is near and dear to your heart, you don't really need an excuse to revel in it (if it's a good something), raise awareness about it (whether it's a hobby, an industry, or a disease), and just generally pester other people with it.  ;o)

Then again, maybe I'm just being grumpy. . .