Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yarn Bombing on Flickr

I was uploading a few photos to Flickr today when I saw that the Flickr blog has put up an entry about yarn bombing.  (So I thought I'd pass along the link.)

I've never seen any yarn bombing "in the wild", that I can recall-- but then again, I don't live in or near a major city, and I'm not even out of my own back yard on a daily basis.   That could have something to do with it.  ;o) 

Part of me thinks yarn bombing is, well, a waste of time and perfectly good yarn.  (g)  Another part of me thinks, "C'mon, don't be such a grump!  Think about the fun-- the surprise-- the sense of whimsy you're giving to the people who'll see it." 

I think I'd be open to participating in a small way in an organized yarn bombing, but I certainly don't care enough to organize one, myself.  There's so much other stuff I want to make or do!