Monday, October 24, 2011

Current Projects

Whoa.  It's already been twenty days since my last post?!  Where does the time go?

I thought I'd drop by to at least mention my currently open (yarn-based) projects.

Oldest in the list is a cotton market bag.  Once I worked through some issues with the pattern, the bag worked up quickly, but then I got to the point where I needed to make the handle... and it got set aside... and (almost) forgotten.

Then we have my third knitting project-- a pin cushion / knitting doo-dads cushion.  Again, I went through most of the project pretty quickly, but then I got to the point where I'd have to sew the pieces together... and it got set aside... and (not quite) forgotten.  (Hm.  I'm beginning to see a pattern here. (g))

New Knitting Project

At that point, I started another "secret project" (gift item).  I got pretty far in that one, and I was still enjoying it, too, but somehow I was sidetracked into afghans... Ah, yes. I think it was because we were forecast the first cold weather of the season, and I went into blanket-making mode.  Anyway, I wavered between the African flower motif and a v-stitch ripple, but the ripple won this time.

I'm using a free pattern from Bernat-- the Eight Shades Ripple. There are currently only four Ravelry projects for the pattern, but I think it looks pretty nice, and it's definitely fun, once you get going.  I will admit, those first two rows or so feel (and look, until you get another row or two crocheted) a little awkward, but before you know it, you have the pattern memorized and it's smooth sailing.  I'm using ten shades, myself.  Here's the only progress photo I've taken so far:

Square 20/31: Rippling

The afghan will be a long-term project. No rushing through this one! There are just too many other patterns I want to try, not to mention a few things I'd like to have done by Christmas. 

So, with those four projects already on the go-- and at least a few still to start and finish in the next couple of months-- naturally it was time to start something totally off the wall.  Off the wall and on the floor, as in a crocheted rag rug.  I'm making mine using strips of old t-shirts.  Actually, I've had these strips of fabric for quite a while.  I tried making a rug once before, some time ago, but didn't stick with it past the first, more difficult bit. 

Square 23/31:  Rag Rug

It looks a little rough, up close like this, but I'm satisfied, considering it's my first rug. I think this will go in the laundry room, where Molly (our cocker spaniel) spends most of her time. She likes blankets, towels, and doggy beds, so a raggedy rug will be right up her alley. ;o)

I already have plans to make a large basket/bowl using the same technique (raggy strips of t-shirts and a large crochet hook).  Maybe something to hold yarn... or dog toys... I recently went through my clothes and pulled out enough no-longer-wearable t-shirts to keep me busy for a while.

If you're interested in crocheting a rug, I've read that you can use strips of any fabric you like.  Denim, old sheets, even fabric right off the bolt (though that might get expensive).  The most time-consuming part of the process is cutting the shirts.  (I prefer this method, though there are other ways.)  Unless you are super-human, your hands will probably get tired crocheting a rug.  At least, mine do, so far.  Like any crochet project, getting started is the hardest part.

Well, I think that's it for current projects.  There are still a couple of completed projects that I've yet to blog, so far as I can recall.  I plan to post about them soon.  :o)