Friday, September 16, 2011


I came across some stunning crochet afghans (and cushions) this morning:

They're all by Moxy Crochet, based in Cape Town.

Though the patterns don't seem to be identical, the motif they use reminds me of the African Flower motif.  (Here on Ravely, and here, in a slightly modified form.)  I've bookmarked that pattern before, but these photos have brought it to the forefront of my crochet-obsessed mind.  ;o)  I love the colors they've used-- and the mixture of fuzzy yarn with plain is beautiful, too.  Simply gorgeous work.

If I didn't already have a list of projects I want/need to make (some of them before Christmas, too), I'd be tempted to start a new afghan inspired by those in the photos. (Especially the one in the upper right-hand corner.  It will surely haunt my dreams. (g))